Stallions & Mares

Rick Machado Livestock uses an outstanding set of stallions and mares in our breeding program. Be sure to check out their pedigrees!


One Big Time

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 5179550 (View Pedigree)

This 2008 Stallion is shaped and colored in the image of his sire, “One Time Pepto” LTE $331,000 and producer of over $5.5m NCHA & NRCHA (Sire of 1st, 3rd, 5th & 10th at the 2013 NRCHA Futurity) and the hottest cow horse sire in the industry.  One Big Time’s Dam, Duals Play Kit LTE $261,000 is the best daughter of Kit Dual and out of a producing daughter of Freckles Playboy.  We are excited to be able to offer you the production of this great young stallion in the future.

Master's Crackerjack

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 5460967 (View Pedigree)

Master Crackerjack is the ranch raised junior stallion at RM Livestock. The genetics, mind, disposition, and ability of his sire, Fresnos Ima Master must remain a part of our breeding program in the future. This beautiful sorrel stallion is out of one of our best cowhorse mares, Bright Mandy Lou. She combines the Driftwood and K4 Hickory Skip performance through her sire, White Lightning Ike, with the tremendous speed and rope horse genetics of Frosty Tops, Pelican, and Sugar Bars through the dam, Silkys Frosty. Masters Crackerjack is presently in cowhorse training and his future will include ranching and roping. RM Livestock is proud of this young stallion and look forward to what he will bring to the performance horse program.

Fresno Ima Master - Retired

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 2995610 (View Pedigree)

Fresno Ima Master is a horseman’s horse. RM Livestock considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to own a stallion of this quality and ability. His structure is pure quarter horse with a deep body, big hip and terrific shoulder. A big soft eye in a beautiful head speaks of his intelligence and trainability. Fresnos Ima Master is bred to be a cow horse and his sire comes right from the heart of the famous Ward Ranch cow horse program. With 2x Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, Filinic and Sugar Vandy all on his papers and Wimpy P-1, Leo, and Poco Tivio just one generation off, his genetic makeup is flawless. 

He has proven his own ability with AQHA points in heading, heeling and working cow horse, multiple ranch horse championships, and champion in the herd work at the NRCHA Worlds Greatest Horseman. As a sire, his offspring compete with success in AQHA and NRCHA performance, as well as rodeo events. Versatility is the goal of the AQHA and Fresnos Ima Master is a versatile performance sire.



#2 CD Sweet Pea

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4902588 (View Pedigree) 
CD Sweet Pea is a gorgeous red dun and an exciting addition to our broodmare band. Her cowhorse genetics include her sire, CD Lights, $234M and NCHA World Champion, and grandsire, CD Olena, NCHA Futurity Champion and Horse of the Year, along with Doc Olena, Grays Starlight, Peppy San Badgeer, Doc Bar and Poco Tivio. Her dam, Swinging Rose Lee brings the leading cutting horse sire, Justa Swinging Peppy to the mix, along with Peppy San Badger, Smart Little Lena, Docs Hickory and Freckles Hustler, the full brother to Freckles Playboy. Cowhorse genetics in every line of her pedigree, her colts all ride and slide.

#10 Jae Bar La Estrella

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4031166 (View Pedigree)
Jae Bar La Estrella is a big bodied beautiful cowhorse mare. We were pleased to be able to add a pair of the Docs Jack Sprat granddaughters to our program. They are out of full sisters that were sired by the AQHAC and leading NCHA sire, Docs Jack Sprat, and their dam Poco Quantis is linebred to King 234 through Poco Bueno and Kings Pistol. Jae Bar Estrella's sire is the Reserve World Champion, Master Jay, which makes her topside genetics Colonel Freckles, King 234 and a double shot of Rey Jay. We can't wait to ride what she will produce.

#11 Chicas Jewel

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 3770627 (View Pedigree)
Chicas Jewel is another big bodied, big hipped mare with her knees and hocks close to the ground. Sired by the 2 time Worlds Champion, Lenas Jewel Bar, and out of the other Docs Jack Sprat dam, there is no doubt she will produce a cowhorse. This mare is big enough and has enough substance that her colts should rope, cut, cowhorse, or anything else you can do horseback. Versatility is a big part of RM Livestock's program and this mare will produce it.

#15 Bright Mandy Lou - Deceased

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 3639333 (View Pedigree) 
Bright Mandy Lou is a big, strong, bay mare with a personality to suit anyone’s program. Her size and strength make her one of our top performance producers. She is an own daughter of the great rope horse sire, "White Lighting Ike". Her dam is a daughter of one of the greatest rodeo heading horses of all time, "Frosty Tops". When we add the speed sires Pelican and Sugar Bars, this is a mare that will always produce a high performance baby.

#16 Lotta Kay

Lotty Kay is a beautiful young mare. Her kind disposition combined with her chromed up bay good looks make her a stand out in our mare band. With her sire being Jim Wheatley's great rope horse, "Trapper Bar Drop" and her dam being a daughter of Gill's "White Lighting Ike" and a granddaughter of the super heading horse "Frosty Tops", we can't wait to ride them! Throw in a double dose of Sugar Bars and some Lowry Star and you have a ranch and rodeo pedigree of the best kind.

#20 BJS March Penny

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4023465 (View Pedigree) 
BJS March Penny is one the outstanding producers in the program. Her babies carry her refinement with pretty heads and faces along with a shot of color. You can count on her colts being ones that will ride soft and have a lot of "feel".  NCHA Futurity Champions, Colonel Freckles and Doc O Lena along with speed sires Three Bars, Quick M Silver, and King 234 make this a pure quarter horse pedigree. Pretty babies with run and rate will make all around champions.

#21 Smokum Kelley Tucker

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4266175 (View Pedigree)
Smokum Kelly Tucker is as pretty as you can make a sorrel mare. She is a genetic package of West Coast Cowhorse greats, with Doc Tom Tucker, Sugars Vandy, Smokum Oak, and Joaquin Reed all on her papers. We especially like the fact that she also has some run from AAA, Sugar Bars, and AAA, Bar Money and rate from Rooster King, Mr. Gunsmoke, Bras D'Or, and Driftwood. Her genetic combination of run and rate will make her babies as versatile as you can make a horse.

#36 Ima Master Piece

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4524146 (View Pedigree)
Ima Masterpiece is a family favorite. Rick & Jill both love to ranch and rope on her and Jack will call her his main mount. This beautiful bay mare was raised by RM Livestock and her sound mind, gentle disposition, and impeccable conformation are what the horse program is all about. She is a daughter of Fresnos Ima Master and her dam is Colonel Freckles, NCHA Futurity Champion, Zippo Pat Bars, AAA, Lucky Bar, AAA, Leo, and Poco Pine. Ima Master Piece represents the past, present, and future of RM Livestock's horse program and we are proud to be able to raise this kind.

#37 Zan Master Miss

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4658306 (View Pedigree)
Zans Master Miss is a home raised mare that was special enough to stay in the mare band. This pretty bay mare has all the parts in all the right places. She is a strong genetic package with the versatile performance horse, "Fresnos Ima Master" as hersire and a strong"Zans Showdown" mare for her dam. A double shot of Doc Bar, along with Poco Bueno, Leo,Zan Parr Bar, and Wimpy P-1 gives her a foundation pedigree that is full of AQHA champions. Her offspring will have the ability to perform in any event.

#40 Roosters Julie

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 3907127 (View Pedigree) 
Rooster Julie is one we have been looking for. RM Livestock has wanted a daughter of "Rooster" Gallo Del Cielo to add to our breeding program. "Rooster" is the result of one of the greatest crosses ever in the cowhorse world, Peppy San Badger, NCHA Futurity Champion, and Doc's Starlight, NCHA Hall of Fame, daughter of Doc Bar. Gallo Del Cielo can produce a cutter, reiner, cowhorse, or ranch horse champion and we like that kind of versatility. Rooster Julie's dam is and own daughter of the beautiful AQHAC, Docs Prescription and boasts a double dose of Poco Bueno through Poco Tivio and Poco Rip. Any horseman knows that her colts will be pretty and trainable.

#44 Tuff Lil Blonde

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4524147 (View Pedigree)
Tuff Lil Blonde is the prettiest mare in the band. Her refinement combined with her palomino roan color makes her a stand out. She is a granddaughter of the superior performance horse "Tuff N Busy", one of the best sons of the AQHA champion, "Bueno Chex". Her paternal grandsire, "Cal Bar" is a leading sire of both NRCHA and NCHA champions. Every other line of her pedigree is either Leo or King 234. We think she is very special and every one of her colts is as pretty and athletic as she is.

#45 Rusty Rode Her Ma

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 3968417 (View Pedigree) 
Rusty Rode Her Ma is one we just had to have. Sired by the greatest cutting horse sire ever, $60MM+ producer, High Brow Cat and out of an own daughter of Shorty Lena, $10MM producer, and maybe the best son of Doc Olena, she is cowhorse genetics at its finest. Every line of her pedigree says "COW" for the Docs Hickory and Smart Little Lena to the foundation lines of Leo, King 234, and JB King. Rusty Rode Her Ma will produce great performers and we are proud to have her in our broodmare band.

#69 Del Rios Doll

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 4514637 (View Pedigree)
Dell Rios Doll is a big strong bay mare that is bred to fly. Speed won't ever hurt and her sire, Society Road, had a speed index of 102. That's fast. Society Road's AAA sire, Dash for Cash, is the greatest speedhorse ever born and his AAA dam, Fishers Favorite, is a leading dam in the racing industry. Dam, Del Rios Missy, was sired by My Rocket Baron, 102 S.I. and one of the fastest sons of Rocket Wrangler. Crossed with RM Livestocks cowhorse stallions, Dell Rios Doll will produce babies that will be able to go down the fence, run some barrels, or catch one over a long score.

#49 Colonels Lil Winner - Deceased

REGISTRATION NUMBER: 2946503 (View Pedigree)
Colonels Lil Winner is a pretty headed, big hipped, bay mare that produces big beautiful colts. She is a granddaughter of the AQHAC "Friendly Fritz”, a son of the AQHA champion, "Fritz Command" by King Fritz. Her paternal dam is a daughter of the NCHA champion, Colonel Freckles. When that much cow horse was crossed on the AAA speed of Mr. Bar None and Three Bars along with a double dose of Leo, it is a very potent genetic package. This quality of mare will cross on any quarter horse stallion and her production will make us proud.

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